Uber came to us to help launch their brand new ‘Uber Pass’ membership program with a bang, so Born Bred Creative teamed up with The Inspired Unemployed to deliver and bring to life one of the most ambitious creative strategies and social campaigns we have ever seen! This project highlighted just how far Uber Pass can get you in a non stop live project that lasted over 80 hours straight. Utlising the Instagram Polls feature, the talent asked their audience what outraegous things to eat, wild adventures to go and where to travel as they completed a hilarious journey across Sydney, eventually having the audience voting for them to head over the tasman, to New Zealand. Getting from point A to B, and keeping their stomachs full thanks to the power of Uber Pass, The Inspired Unemployed trained with the All Blacks, auditioned with SIX60, had their busking debut and added some new piercings to their look whilst recieving 1.9 Million unique engagements from their fans. That’s a handful of interested people!


Australia’s favourite candle brand, Glasshouse Frangrances, wanted to drive some hype around the release of their delicous new range, Sugar Coated. Born Bred Creative developed a TikTok creative strategy that focussed on four content pliiars; food, fashion, lifestyle and recycling. We engaged 11 creators to showcase the range in their highly engaging content on TikTok, with some creators getting in the kitchen to create sugar coated inspired donuts, to others dressing as their favourite flavour! The content was viewed over 432.5K times on the platform, leaving everyone feeling just a little bit sweeter (we hope!).


With fashion trends coming and going in a matter of weeks (and then traditionally returning again in 8 years – hello flared jeans!), Nasty Gal wanted to ensure that Gen Z was across all of their latest range each month. to achieve this, Born Bred Creative engaged a group of six creators who are heavily active in the fashion space on TikTok to produce one piece of content per month. To ensure maximum engagement and revalancy, creators were briefed at the beginning of each month with a new creative approach to the content, usually based on a trending sound to gain a large reach, paired with Nasty Gal’s lastest fashion trends. With a combined monthly reach of over 1.2M, Nasty Gal were able to tap into the Gen Z market monthly in an entertaining and engaging manner.


Last year, Fujifilm instax approached BBC as they were interested in reaching new audiences through the Tik Tok platform and influencers. Through engaging some of our top tier content creators, BBT was aiming to push the Fujifilm instax products onto the platform in a creative, entertaining and engaging manner. Using various genres of content, such as travel, craft and family based content, Born Bred and their creators presented different creative uses for the product, expanding the brand’s audience.


Australia’s leading bohemian luxury fashion label, Camilla has traditionally targeted an older demographic with their famously known Camilla dresses and kaftans, however they were keen to start hitting a younger audience through the booming platform that is TikTok. BBC developed a migration strategy which involved various creators producing a two part video series, one to sit on the creators channel and drive viewers to Camilla’s channel, where the creator’s second video would sit once the following has grown to a certain number (e.g. 5K). The migration strategy proved to be highly successful, with the brand gaining over 34K followers within a month.


Piping Hot’s aim was simple, show the younger demographic of Australia exactly what their brand was about, and push their sustainability and environmental messaging out to a wider audience. Launching back in 1975, Piping Hot’s mission has always been to create great clothes, without hurting our planet and ocean in the process, this is why it was important to engage creators that shared the same passion for sustainability. By using a 4 week migration strategy, our creators and their informative content were able to drive over 11K followers to the brand’s TikTok account, where they continued to share important information their mission to create a global solution for our oceans.


The Iconic was one of Born Bred Creative’s first clients to take the plunge into the weird and wonderful platform that is TikTok back in late 2019. The Iconic team knew that they wanted to be on the platform but weren’t too sure how to tackle the country’s fasted growing platform. BBC devised an 8 week strategy to help them jump on, which included a heavy migration strategy, driving users to the brand’s account, as well as various activations including a competition, and challenges surrounding events such as their famous SwimShow.


With Australia going into a lengthy lockdown due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Born Bred Creative wanted to launch an initiative to raise awareness and encourage people to stay at home, to help limit the spread of the virus.   As Tik Tok downloads were at currently an all time high, we wanted to utilise our creators to influence the younger generations of Australia to act responsibly in such a crucial time for our country.


The Born Bred Creative team noticed some underground excitement and user-generated content circling around TikTok for one of Australia’s most loveable new beverages, Bae Juice (a real life preventitive hangover cure!). After learning about the product with their amazing team, a creative strategy to proliferate the precense and brand awareness of Bae Juice on the platform was born. Taking inspiration from organic content forming on TikTok around the brand, which saw individuals and friend groups testing out the product to see if the rumours were true, Born Bred expanded on this idea and gave audiences insight into macro creators trialling the product, a day (or big night) in the life of each creator, then their real life results of the product in the morning. As comments stacked up on content demanding directions on where to buy this, tagging friends to try it out and sharing to all their mates on the next night out, Bae Juice product flew off the stores across the country and views under the hashtag #BaeJuice rapidly grew to 1.5 Million!