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TikTok X Superdry


Born Bred Talent works with Superdry across their Australia and New Zealand teams to amplify existing campaigns, celebrate new store openings, develop unique activations, and launch new products to the market. 

Most recently, Born Bred Talent supported the international fashion brand to expand its global reach and celebrate the opening of its flagship store in New Zealand with an exclusive in-store influencer event. 

Following the launch of New Zealand’s first-ever store opening, Born Bred Talent worked with the Superdry team to successfully launch the brand onto TikTok as part of the new store opening at The Glen Shopping Centre in Victoria. The event, which was led by Born Bred Talent and a team of TikTok creators and attended by over 300 guests, exceeded all expectations and engagement, tripled KPIs, and the Superdry dress TikTokker Rory Eliza wore to the event sold out in 2 days.

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