‘We picked a winner’: The founder of Australia’s first TikTok agency says the platform is doing better than ever despite fears of a ban

The founder of Australia’s first talent agency to have a roster of TikTok creators says that business has never been better, even as the platform’s parent company remains locked in a fight over a potential ban.

Clare Winterbourn is the founder of Born Bred Talent. Launched just three years ago, the agency has cemented itself as one of the top places for online creator management in Australia.

But when Born Bred Talent was founded, TikTok wasn’t the cultural powerhouse that it is now.

“The industry has completely changed since then. When I got into it, the only two platforms were YouTube and Instagram. And after a year and a half, I discovered TikTok,” she said. “Now I rarely get asked to work with YouTube. For most brands, it’s not on their radar anymore.”

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Superdry has launched its ‘Superdry My Way’ campaign (#SDMyWay) for AW20 with a holistic TikTok strategy that combines a hero ambassador, influencer content, digital ads and a viral dance challenge via influencer agency and TikTok specialists Born Bred Talent.

In collaboration with Universal Music NZ artist eleven7four, #SDMyWay launched alongside the hit single “Where It Hurts (feat. Tayla Parx)” as the soundtrack of the world-first TikTok campaign.

The revolutionary campaign, led by Australia’s queen of TikTok Sarah Magusara, kicked off with a viral dance challenge to eleven7four’s new international single, and content has already reached 1.2 million video views in three days.

Off the back of a handful of successful TikTok activations with Born Bred Talent, Superdry’s head of marketing and PR Matthew Iozzi, said the combination of Sarah Magusara, the top TikTok creators in Australia and New Zealand, eleven7four’s track, strategic ad placements and a data acquisition aspect will give the campaign a 360 degree touchpoint.

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‘I’ve never had so much work’: the young Aussies getting rich on TikTok

Time is ticking for a new generation of social media influencers, who have risen from cyberspace obscurity to find stardom – and more than a bit of moolah – on the video-sharing app TikTok.

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35 million reached in 24 hours: Superdry reveals power of new TikTok campaign

Superdry, Born Bred Talent and Universal Music NZ hip-hop duo eleven7four have launched a world-first TikTok campaign in Australia and New Zealand. The campaign, ‘Superdry My Way’ (#SDMyWay), which reached 15 million people before launch, has now launched, reaching 35 million users in 24 hours.

In collaboration with Universal Music NZ artist hip-hop duo eleven7four, #SDMyWay launched backed by eleven7four’s single ‘Where It Hurts (feat. Tayla Parx)’.

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Born Bred, DM Podcasts partner to open new revenue streams for podcasters

Talent agency Born Bred Talent has teamed up with DM Podcasts to create new revenue streams for podcasters in Australia and New Zealand.

The exclusive partnership will see Born Bred offer brands even further exclusive avenues to their 360 marketing campaigns by utilising access and integration to a majority of DM Podcast’s slate of podcasts across categories in sport, comedy, and pop-culture

“Most of the podcast talent we work with and target, have a social media presence with loyal and engaged audiences,” says DM Podcasts founder Antony Stockdale.

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Influencers Raise $95k For Starlight Children’s Foundation In Do-Good Campaign Via Born Bred Talent

With a combined reach of 6.2 million across Instagram, TikTok and Twitch, 9 Australian influencers contributed 76% of the $124k raised throughout June and became the largest fundraising partner of the entire Stream Raiser campaign.

Starlight Children’s Foundation CEO Louise Baxter said Born Bred Talent and the influencers involved went above and beyond to support the campaign and made a real difference, despite the flow-on impact of COVID-19 and fundraising capacity right now.

“Working with the team at Born Bred Talent has been a fantastic experience for Starlight – they worked with us on a pro-bono basis, they understood what was required and they delivered,” she said.

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Bye-bye, confected perfection, the ‘anti-influencer’ is king now

Insta feeds are blowing up with irreverent characters like the tradies turned social media-skit comedians known as The Inspired Unemployed – and fashion labels can’t get enough of them.

If the pre-COVID-19 years could be dubbed the “age of the influencer”, referencing the rise and rise of attractive women – and some men – doing little more than posting selfies of their airbrushed lives on Instagram, then we could now be witnessing the era of the “anti-influencer”.

Taking centre stage in this reckoning are Matt Ford and Jack Steele, the tradies turned social media-skit comedians better known as The Inspired Unemployed. Since posting their first video to Instagram in 2019, the 20-somethings from Kiama on the NSW South Coast have been shaking fashion from its snobbery in a similar vein to Celeste Barber, the Australian comedian who lampoons outdated ideals of beauty and femininity to a global Instagram audience of 7.7 million.

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