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Singing in public, facing birds, conquering a foodie fear? That takes guts – checking in on a mate can be a piece of cake, in comparison. All it takes is #10secondsofcourage. Challenge yourself with something positive and show us what you’re overcoming to support MATES In Construction.

What is the 10 Seconds Of Courage Challenge? It’s all about showing how easy it really is to take 10 seconds of courage to talk to a mate, when you look it at it side by side with something that truly takes guts. All you have to do is capture a video of yourself or friends taking on something courageous, embarrassing or a little bit out there. Then post it on TikTok with the hashtag #10SecondsOfCourage. The goal is to spread awareness of the mental health & suicide in the construction workforce in NZ and encourage a conversation and place to go for resources and support.

Talk to a MATE

The MATES programme builds and strengthens communities in the workplace and across the industry – helping our people to be supportive and provide an environment that encourages positive wellbeing. The impact of this community-based approach then goes beyond the workplace and into our every-day lives. MATES engage with workers through on-site training and providing those identified as at risk with case management support that connects them to suitable professional support. MATES Field Officers are trained in suicide intervention skills and have experience with the Building and Construction Industry. This allows them to engage easily with the workers on site.

We will be taking this movement to the streets, by taking the online outside and raising the stakes of the #10SecondsofCourage challenge. Promoting the challenge and giving the nation another great reason to get amongst the fun and spread the word! Your entry into the challenge may be up on huge billboards across the country!


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