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Dorry Kordahi


A well-respected and highly successful entrepreneur based in Sydney, Dorry is the quintessential self-starter and innovator who built his market-leading company in the field of corporate merchandise and uniforms from nothing.

A highly regarded and experienced industry professional, he is the winner of numerous, prestigious industry awards. He has been featured on BRW’s Young Rich list some six times and appeared in a wide variety of media formats including major TV channels.

But the journey to a business leader was not easy. Along the way, he went from being a HSC failure to an apprentice hairdresser in one of Sydney’s outer suburbs and then a professional basketball player.
Once a young towel boy for the legendary Sydney Kings, he later became a co-owner of the team itself. His passion for the sport remains undiminished and he now sits on the Advisory Board for the NBL (National Basketball League).

His initial foray into business was based on a plan he scribbled on just three sheets of paper. Having flunked his HSC, he did not go to university. Instead, at just twenty-five, he started his own company, without financial backers in his parents’ backyard shed.

Yet despite these humble beginnings his hard work and passion to succeed meant it took him just two short years to build the foundations of what became a unique and phenomenal success story.

His business interests, principally in promotional marketing have also spanned the sports, fashion and music industries and he is passionate about mentoring and incubating start-ups.

In recent years he has focussed on a series of mergers and acquisitions that have seen him buy and monetise numerous companies. Keen to share the secrets of his success with others, he has authored three books on entrepreneurial excellence: Wealth Diaries, and Power to Act along with his most recent book WIN BIG RISK SMALL An Entrepreneur’s Formula.

Dorry is the ideal role model and influencer for today’s entrepreneurial journey.

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