Influencer Marketing

We believe every brand has a unique story to be told. We pride ourselves in ensuring we connect brands with the best influencers to share these stories and grow with them. We believe it’s important to work across a broad social landscape in Australia and beyond so alongside our current talent roster our team are always discovering, following and working with alternative influencers. Born Bred Talent’s team dissect each brief carefully, using our extensive market knowledge to provide talent suggestions that perfectly suit the brand, campaign and content style.

Whether you want to make serious waves on social, or simply need a hand creating a digital or social media strategy that suits your campaign’s every need, we have you covered. Born Bred Talent’s strategy team specialise in developing and implementing your tailored social influencer strategy (from Instagram and YouTube, right through to and Twitter). We also offer social media and website management, creative content idea generation and execution.

Campaign Management
Excited to implement your shiny new influencer strategy, but suddenly realised just how much time goes into each managing campaign? That’s cool, we have your back! Save the long email chains, phone calls and negotiations for us. Our team can handle everything from the initial reach out to influencers, right through to reporting and analytics – all you’ll need to do is listen out for our updates along the way.

While we know and wholeheartedly believe that social influencer marketing is both cost effective, and the way of the future, we know that sometimes you’ll need the statistics to back it up. To ensure you understand the successes of your campaign, and to help us make the next one even better, we offer comprehensive post campaign reporting. We’ll track key insights on engagement, impressions, reach, sentiment, acquisitions and let you know which influencers & concepts performed the best for your brand.